2009, Jan19

Now I am reaching. It’s snowing again as it has been all weekend. Not crazy, piles and banks of snow everywhere, but regular cover the footprints kind of snow. I like it. It makes it feel more like winter than frigid temperatures and/or slush everywhere. For the first time since I moved to Toronto, I won’t be doing a “well in my day, snow came down EVERY DAY in winter,” and shaking my head when Torontonians complain about the third snowfall ALL WINTER.

  • Snow Monster — I have never know that cats and snow could mix. We used to drop Balthie in a drift of white powder just to watch his panicked reaction. Yes, he hates me but that is nothing new.
  • Technivorm — No it’s not some weird creature of south american jungles but a coffee maker. I know coffee in three concepts: bad coffee like give for free at work or sold in restaurants, Starbucks which is as strong as I like it but a little overwhelming and then the occasional really good coffee that makes me go, “Mmmm I wish I could have this more often.” But I am not sure if my lack-of-smell tastebuds really allow me to vocalize what makes a coffee bad or good. I would like to try this beast or maybe the stuff from the fancy machine at Crema. Wish I could afford the weird creature for home — the $300 one above, not the $11,000 fancy machine…. ok, i wish i could afford that TOO.
  • Writing in the Age of Distraction — Cory Doctorow writes a nice bit about writing. Gone are the days when I once said I was a budding writer only producing material that makes even pulp loving me cringe. But I like the ideas behind what he is saying, especially the no-wordprocessor concept — there is nothing more annoying then trying to get your ideas down pat when Word tells you it’s mispelled AND it’s bad grammar.
  • FoxTrot Dreams — Best Star Wars reference since… well, since the last great Star Wars reference.
  • If Movie Posters Were Honest — I don’t agree with all but I laughed at all.

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