no disposable puns please

2009, Jan21

You know I originally had hoped that the disposable links would be used for posts when I didn’t really have a real post to place for that day.  But I believe they are becoming the actual main post type for this site.  It’s still personal, it’s definitely pure bloggy and it says more than, “This is neat.”  But there will HAVE to be other posts, right?  For example, I should chat about reviving PhoToast for the year and neglecting it almost as much as I did last year.

  • Sea Kittens — Oh for the love of PETA !!  Really?  Make fish cute so we won’t eat them?  Are you fucking kidding?  Did they suddenly gain all of their smarts from Pam Anderson’s real-not-real-real breasts??
  • LotR Cakes — Cakewrecks is very quickly becoming focused on Cool Cakes, those kind that make my favourite cake baker (duff) look like an amateur.  Did I already post the D&D dragon cake ?!!?  (thanks adrienne)
  • Star Wars retold — I recently found out that someone I know has not seen Star Wars.  I should ask her to do the same as this vid.
  • Sniper Rifle iPod mount — *blink blink*  Really?  For real?  Oh so it uses sniper software meant for an iPhone / iPod Touch?  I am sure there is some joke in there about the hired guns of the RIAA. (uhhh thanks ed?)
  • Star Wars Yoga — Speaking of SW, how about combining this with the Wii and really getting the fatgeekboy in me, out of me?

OK, so I didn’t really say much more than, “these are neat!”

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“no disposable puns please”

  1. On January 22nd, 2009 at 4:04 pm Adrienne Says:

    You’re welcome!

    I admit, I’m always floored when confronted with someone who still hasn’t seen Star Wars. It’s like I feel they’re… incomplete somehow. lol. That was extremely amusing though!

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